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How to Become a Child Care Provider

Child Care Providers are in great demand!
Here are a few online resources to assist you in becoming a provider.


  • May be licensed for up to 8 or 14 children, depending on the license.
  • Care is provided in the licensee’s home.
  • Is licensed, along with the child care provider, by the CA Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division (CDSS).
  • Health and Safety requirements must be maintained and monitored by CCL.
  • Must maintain specific adult-to-child ratios.
  • Is required to be certified in EMSA approved CPR/First Aid. Additional staff may also be required to be certified in EMSA approved CPR/First Aid.
  • Is required to have the provider, as well as anyone who lives in the home and is over 18 years of age, tested for TB, fingerprinted with a criminal background check, and cleared in the California Child Abuse Index.

How to Become a Licensed Family Child Care Home

To find out if this is a good fit for you, please visit the CA Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division webpage for Family Child Care Home Licensing Information, and contact The Resource Connection at 209-754-1075.

  1. Be prepared to pay a fee for the orientation and application fees, which are non-refundable.
  2. The Resource Connection can help with your licensing expenses and professional development. Call 209-754-1075.
  3. Before applying for your FCCH license, you must attend an orientation: Register for an Online Orientation or Register for In-Person Orientation.
  4. Be familiar with CA Family Child Care Home Licensing Regulations.
  5. Complete and submit all the information and forms in the License Application and Instructions for Family Child Care Homes.
  6. When Licensing confirms application is accepted, complete background check for all members working and volunteering in the home.
  7. Be prepared to show proof of immunizations, blood tests are available if proof can’t be found.
  8. Enroll in an EMSA CPR-First Aid training and Health & Safety Training, we can help.
  9. The Resource Connection is available to visit for a pre-licensing home visit. Call 209-754-1075.
  10. A CCL License Program Analyst will schedule and perform a pre-license inspection of the home.


  • Can be found in public/private schools, religious facilities, or a building owned/leased by the provider.
  • Is licensed for a specific capacity (the maximum number of children that can be cared for at any one time).
  • Can be licensed for varying ages of children from infancy to school age with a separate license issued for each age component.
  • Is licensed by the State of California and has health and safety requirements that must be maintained by the provider and monitored by Community Care Licensing (CCL).
  • Is required to maintain specific adult-to-child ratios.
  • Is required to have at least one director or teacher at the center who has been trained in preventive health practices, including EMSA approved CPR/First Aid.
  • Must have a staff member with certification in EMSA approved CPR/First Aid present at all times.
  • Must employ staff that meet the specific educational requirements for each position and hold a valid Child Development Permit.

How to Become a Licensed Child Care Center

To find out if this is a good fit for you, please visit the CA Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division webpage for Child Care Center Licensing Information, and contact the Amador Child Care Council at (209)754-1075.

  1. Be prepared to pay a fee for the orientation and application process.
  2. Be familiar with CA Child Care Center Licensing Regulations
  3. Before applying for a Child Care Center license, you must first attend an orientation:
  4. Register for an Online Orientation or Register for In Person Orientation
    Prior to attending an orientation, you must download and print the License Application and Instructions for Child Care Centers
    You must bring these required forms to the orientation
  5. Complete and submit all the information and forms required in the application packet – application packets will not be accepted until you have completed the orientation
  6. Complete background check for all members working and volunteering in the center

Live Scan Locations

Locations in California to get Live Scan Fingerprinting

Online Resources to Assist You

license-exempt-provider family memberFAMILY, FRIEND, OR NEIGHBOR PROVIDER

(Individual License-Exempt Provider)

When a family is enrolled or enrolling in one of The Resource Connection childcare subsidy programs, sometimes the needs of the family do not match what the available licensed child care providers offer. In such a case, the family may choose a family member, neighbor or friend (who is willing and able), to care for the children as an individual License-Exempt Provider.

An Individual License-Exempt Provider:

  • Is when a license is not required by the State of California.
  • Includes family/relatives or TrustLine registered providers.
  • Can only care for the children of one family (and their own children if appropriate).

How to Become an Individual License-Exempt Provider

  1. The family notifies their Subsidy Coordinator that someone they trust is willing and able to provide care for their children.
  2. We will contact the caregiver to discuss the License-Exempt Provider enrollment process and mail an enrollment package.
  3. Caregiver will complete the enrollment package and return it to The Resource Connection.
  4. We will confirm the completion of the requirements and issue a start date to the family and caregiver.

Subsidized care will not start until all requested information is submitted to The Resource Connection. Family members can start subsidized child care upon receiving confirmation of their start date. Providers may contact us for a listing of EMSA approved CPR/First Aid classes. Reimbursements are limited to $150.00, a copay may be available.

Download CPR/First Aid Reimbursement Form

While the Resource Connection does not provide referrals to License Exempt Home Providers, we do provide assistance and have services available to them and the families they serve:

Family, Friend, or Neighbor Provider Quality Improvement
Though a program with Quality Counts California and The Resource Connection, Family, Friend, or Neighbor License Exempt Child Care Providers receive the following incentives:

  • Each time you attend a Family Friend or Neighbor Provider Workshop you will receive information and materials such as books and handouts based on specific topics (i.e. Nutrition)
  • If you attend a Health and Safety CPR or CDSS approved Preventative Health Class you can receive additional incentives.
  • If you are interested in learning more about these offerings, contact us. In addition, we can supply you with a list of local CPR trainers and scholarships for those trainings.

TrustLine Registry

TrustLine is a registry of individuals who have passed the California Department of Justice’s and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s fingerprint record checks. Receiving a TrustLine clearance means that a person has no disqualifying criminal convictions or substantiated child abuse reports in California.

The purposes of becoming a TrustLine child care provider are twofold. First, it gives the family a sense of security that the caregiver is not only serious about meeting the family’s needs, but that the caregiver may be entrusted with the care of children. Second, in order to provide child care for a family that is subsidized, the State of California mandates that a non-relative child care provider must be registered on the TrustLine registry.

In addition to the above, all non-relative LEPs must follow the steps below to become TrustLine registered:

  1. Fill out the TrustLine registry (TLR-001) and Live Scan (TLR 9163) applications provided as part of the enrollment package.
  2. Make an appointment for the Live Scan fingerprinting procedure. The Live Scan operator will complete the Live Scan application.
  3. Return the TrustLine applications to The Resource Connection along with the completed enrollment package
  4. The Resource Connection will wait for the TrustLine clearance. Providers will receive notification once they are cleared or if they are denied.
  5. Upon receiving TrustLine clearance, we will confirm the completion of requirements and issue a start date to the family and caregiver

Learn more about TrusstLine at

TrustLine Website


The Amador Child Care Council offers services to improve your professional child care business.

We partner on annual workshops and training opportunities supported by The Resource Connection, Child Care Resources and other local partners.

The Amador  Child Care Council encourages collaboration, sharing of ideas, and mentoring. Together, we all make a difference in the lives of children. All child care providers are welcome and encouraged to attend the professional development opportunities offered.

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The Resource Connection: 2023-2024 Professional Development Workshops and Training Booklet

 The Booklet contains:

  • Information on workshops and training from July 2023 to June 2024 offered in Amador and Calaveras County.
  • How to register for the California ECE Workforce Registry.
  • How to register for workshops via the California ECE Workforce Registry.

Timely workshop updates and additions are also published in our Newsletter or on our Facebook page.

Register for Workshops Through the California Early Care and Education Workforce Registry

THE CALIFORNIA ECE WORKFORCE REGISTRY (CA ECE Workforce Registry) is a state, regional and local collaboration designed to track and promote the education, training, and experience of the early care and education workforce for the purpose of improving professionalism and workforce quality to positively impact children.

Besides providing one convenient place to register for training, the Registry also allows you to:

  • Build a professional profile that can be securely accessed and updated anytime
  • Electronically store education, training, employment, and professional growth accomplishments, including transcripts, and other pertinent documents
  • Search for jobs
  • Search and sign up for other training opportunities
  • Create a resume and share professional qualifications
  • Be recognized as an early-care education professional

Click here to learn how to sign-up and register for an ECE Workforce ID, how to register for our workshops, and access other benefits of the Registry.